Fantastic Offer from Blink of an Eye Photography

BlinkXMASAdvertFBJust in time for Christmas, Natalie from Blink of an Eye Photographt has a very special offer for you.  A photoshoot and images for only£15! Visit her page to find out more about the business and to get in touch.


MumsFit with Joan Palmer

Visit the Mumsfit Website.

A fantastic and fun way to regain tone and fitness, and your baby can come along too.

About Mumsfit

During my time as a physiotherapist I have cared for many women who, due to family and work pressures and time constraints have ignored aches and pains which have then manifested into bigger problems and issues. Mumsfit has been developed with these issues in mind with flexible classes, classes that you can take your baby to and events/workshops/classes that will help you to keep your energy levels up to get you through it all.  Energy issues occur through all life stages and this is covered from giving birth to menopause.

How you will benefit from Mumsfit

Becoming a mum is a life changing event in itself.  The female body goes through changes from the time of conception through to menopause and it is up to us to look after our body as no one else will.  The extent to which the female body changes is influenced by many events and activities in our life.  I am here to help you through the changes that occur and help you find positive outcomes to gain lost energy and develop fitness and a healthy lifestyle to enjoy life.

Baby Groups in Cheltenham- Mum’s Experiences

One of our friends Annelieze Freerange Childcare Crus, has been visiting local baby groups. This is what she found-

Monday- Today I went to the one by Emmanuel Church Playgroup and it was really nice.  Its on a Monday 9.30 – 11.30. On arrival you sign in and pay £1.50.  There are 4 areas your child can explore:  Outside when weather permits they have some ride on toys, there is then a craft and playdough activity area where they do a craft activity each week and children can join in as and when they like during the session.  Next there is a large area for babies with lots of toys for babies to explore.  Then there is in the large hall lots of toys set up for the older children with a small slide, train tracks, cars and various other toys.  You can arrive any time from 9.30 and then at 10.50 everyone take part in a big clear up where everything gets tidied away.  They then bring a trolley with snacks for the little once (today was some grapes, cheese, rice cake and bread stick.  After everyone had their snacks we all then sing some lovely nursery rhymes. All and all lets say Sawyer had a smashing time 😉

Tuesday– I went to the Up Hatherley Baby Bounce and Rhyme.  It started at 10.15 and there was no charge to join in. We all sat in a large circle and I would say its ideal from new borne until about 24 months.  They do do a toddler one on a xxx at 2.15.  The lovely lady who ran the group was very friendly and went round the room introducing all the babies.  We sang the hallo song followed by lots of different nursery rhymes whilst she sometimes moved around with puppets for the babies to touch and feel and interact with.  The class finished at 10.45 and it was a lovely friendly group that both me and my son enjoyed.

Wednesday-Someone recommended St Phillips and St James Church drop in group.  Its important to note that there is one in Leckhampton and in Up Hatherley.  My satnav took me to the one in Leckhampton which was the wrong one.  I was not the only parent that turned up there either.  At the church we were then told about another group which she felt was closer and nice to go to, St Christophers Church in Hatherley.  It starts at 9.15 so when we got there it had already started.  When you park in the car park its not obvious where you need to enter so I went to the hall door which was locked with 2 door bells which I pressed but no answer. I could hear people so I walked round and saw through the hall window it was set up with toys and an older lady.  I knocked on the window and she came round to see me.  She was friendly but explained I had to go through the church doors (which I did not see when I arrived).  Entering the church everyone was sat in a circle singing.  When they were done with the singing they finished of by saying a prayer and giving a donation which runs down a little pipe to make it more fun for the kids.  We then went through to the hall where there was a nice amount of toys, some chocolate chip biscuits and tea and coffee for the adults.

If you would like to share your experiences of local groups and places to go, please get in touch-


Water Babies- Featured business for this week

Fancy teaching your little one to swim, but not sure where to look.  Check out our featured business for this week.

Water Babies Page

Water Babies has taught 1000s of babies and toddlers to swim. Upwards of 75% of our new clients come from word of mouth recommendations because we are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, caring and safe! Working in an unregulated sector you can trust us  to set the highest possible standards and to have gone the extra mile to meet them. The Water Babies course teaches using voice commands and learning to respond to these is excellent for your baby’s mental development. Studies have shown that participating babies have improved sleeping and eating patterns – a definite bonus! Weekly exercise is great for them physically too; especially as healthy children are much more likely to grow into healthy adults. It’s a great workout for mum and dad too!   We’re proud to say that we really do have the best baby swimming teachers in the world. In fact they’re the only teachers who can obtain a nationally recognised diploma in baby swimming. No other baby & toddler swimming school can say that, so it’s a real testament to our extremely high standard of professional training. Which means you’ll have the reassurance that your baby is beginning their swimming journey – and the process of learning itself – in the best professional hands.   Multi-award winning Water Babies classes run in Cheltenham, Stroud and near Tetbury.  For more information call 01793 337118 or visit