Cheltenham Birth Centre

Have you considered having your baby in a midwife led unit?  Cheltenham Birth Centre which has just been renamed the Aveta Birth Centre is a warm welcoming place give birth.  The rooms are spacious, there are access to birth pools aromatherapy, ensuite rooms, and the care women receive there is personal and attentive.

Lead Midwife Hazel Williams said:

“We want the Cheltenham community to take pride in our wonderful unit and hope the new name will become synonymous with our relaxing and family-orientated environment.”
Nicole Archer and other new mums have helped to organise prizes and support for the competition. Nicole said: “I had such a wonderful birth experience at the centre earlier this year – it’s a fantastic facility that Cheltenham can really be proud of. I love the new name and hope that this encourages more mums-to-be to give birth here.”
In common with our other midwife-led birth units at Gloucester and Stroud, the Cheltenham  Unit offers low risk women a calm, relaxing and homely environment throughout their labour and birth. Since opening in 2011, the Centre has received rave reviews from those that have experienced their births there. Mothers are able to explore different relaxation methods ranging from birthing pools to aromatherapy, music and soft lighting.
Some words from Midwife Helen Brooks: “Aveta is such a fitting name as she was the Goddess of fertility, childbirth and midwives – we all love the name. Our beautiful centre consists of five birthing rooms, three named after the essential oils used in the centre, Lavender, Rose and Jasmine, and a further two named after goddesses – Athena and Isis.

“To date we have delivered 1400 babies and our team here consists of a group of positive, caring, experienced and dedicated midwives and care assistants.”

To connect with other women who have given birth in the Aveta Birth Centre or who are considering it you can join the face book group Cheltenham Positive Birthers  and the midwives are always happy to talk to you and show you around the unity.  You can call them on 0300 422 2324.
To see photos of the Centre, go to Pinterest.