New MumsFit Toddler Session Starting in April

Mumsfit launches a ‘Mums with toddler’ class.

– posted by Joan Palmer.

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I have now been running Buggyfit classes for the past 2 ½ years at Pittville Park, Cheltenham and have met so many lovely mums with their babies. However, as maternity leave finishes and babies grow restless in their buggies the turnover of mums coming to classes is quite high.

An end to Buggyfit has not been the case for some mums though, as their days off from work falls on a day that they can still come to a class with their toddlers and pre-schoolers. This means that mums can still get a great work out and the toddler gets out for fresh air and a run around to burn off some energy. The toddler will often bring a toy/scooter/bike to play with during the class and sometimes even copies what mum is doing!

With this in mind, I am launching a static based (with Buggyfit we walk around the park) ‘Mums with toddler’ exercise class designed for mums to get a workout with toddlers/pre-schoolers coming along in Pittville Park after Easter.

The class will be 45mins and will be high intensity, low impact (Pelvic floor safe) interval training. This type of exercise will tone you up and burn fat.

It will take place towards the lower end of the green directly in front of the Pump Rooms on Wednesday 1.30pm starting on Wed 15th April for 6 consecutive weeks. The cost is £36 with an early bird booking price of £30 if you book before Wed 8th April. E mail me for any more details and to book your place.


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