Natural Essence Photography- Featured Business

Natural Essence Photography is this week’s featured business.  Run by Zoe and based on the outskirts of Gloucester, Natural Essence specialise in newborn photography.  Working from her warm and cozy studio that she had built in her back garden, Zoe can provide a personalised shoot that suits the needs of your baby and you.

Zoe says:

Newborn babies do not stay newborn for very long and after 2 weeks of age they lose their curled up position and become less sleepy.  For this reason newborn baby photography session are scheduled for when your baby is between 5 – 14 days old. At time of booking we pencil in a date for your newborn baby photography session, so my time has been allocated to you.  Once your baby has arrived we confirm the date or schedule another.

It is advisable to book your newborn session once you’ve had your 20 week scan to secure your photo session and guarantee my availability for when your baby arrives. Due dates are so unpredictable so session slots are limited per month to accommodate for late/early arrivals.  Of course, should you hear about this service nearer to your due date or once your baby has arrived, I will do my best to fit you in.

I have attended specialist training to ensure the comfort and safety of your baby and I am also fully insured.

Visit the Natural Essence page here,or the website to find out more.


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