Featured Business- KM Counselling and Coaching

logo - bannerKm Counselling and Coaching offers support to anyone undergoing a difficult time in their life.

It is run by Kate Moriarty, and she is based in both Cheltenham and Gloucester.

Kate Says:

As an Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor my approach is person-centred and holistic. I use a range of creative techniques to facilitate the healing process with my clients, considering the emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual aspects of each person. This approach enables my clients to unravel, explore and make sense of past events, and the emotions connected with them.

As a Wellbeing Coach my approach is again humanistic. I work on the premise that my clients possess the answers to their perceived problems. My role is to facilitate a dynamic process where the client is facilitated in a journey of discovery, realisation and inspiration, leading them to a place of clarity, renewed motivation and wellness.

Clients are able to progress with their Counselling and Coaching at a pace that suits them, in a safe and supportive environment.