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2&6Therapy Rooms


2&6 Therapy Rooms has been created through a passion to provide warm, safe and welcoming rooms for all practitioners who specialise in mind, body and spirit therapies and treatments.

2&6 Therapy Rooms were created by husband and wife team Nathan & Faye Davis. Nathan is the managing director of a successful business whilst Faye is a midwife and therapeutic counsellor. The combination of these differing backgrounds have complemented each other in the development of the therapy rooms. This is strengthened further by a shared vision and passion to create a space which enables the enhancement of total mind, body & soul. 

We are committed to the health and happiness of every person who walks through our doors. This includes both therapists and clients. We provide services, treatments and opportunities which aim to change lives for the better.

2&6 Therapy Rooms is a family run business which we hope will extend out to our therapists and their clients.

2&6 Therapy Rooms specialises in providing classes and workshop for the antenatal and postnatal period, including antenatal and postnatal yoga, and baby led weaning workshops.  Find out more here


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