My Cotswold Baby- Antenatal Sessions


My Cotswold Baby
My Cotswold Baby

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Daisy Birthing:

If you are looking for a pregnancy class that can help you feel confident and comfortable through your pregnancy and fit for birth both physically and emotionally, then Daisy Birthing® is the ideal antenatal and birth preparation class for you!

Classes are approved by the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT), have featured in well known publications such as ‘Practical Parenting’ and ‘Pregnancy and Birth Magazine’ and have helped thousands of mums across the UK to achieve a positive and confident birth.

Daisy Couples Workshop:

Daisy Birthing®  for couples is so much more than just another couples antenatal education workshop. If you are looking for a workshop which explores how to enjoy a more natural and active birth from beginning to end then Daisy Birthing® is the ideal pregnancy and birth preparation class for you!  This workshop is ideal for first time parents but can also really benefit mums who want to learn from previous birth experiences and those who are feeling anxious or worried.

Baby Natal:

As well as the basics of baby care you will also learn lots of practical skills and key information. A BabyNatal class covers everything from playtime to sleep time, allowing you to feel confident as a new parent.

Most importantly BabyNatal classes are about empowerment and simply provide you with the support and information in order to be able to make your own choices and with classes available both antenatally and postnatally there is support for you when you feel you need or want it!


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