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Recognised Birth Doula~ Doula Uk
Certified Birth Doula~ Nurturing Birth

Being a Doula, I strongly believe that childbirth is a normal part of life, creating a family, and most women are able to birth naturally.To enable this to happen, women need to feel well supported and educated as this allows them to feel confident, well informed and able to make decisions and express their choices around birth.

My aim is to work with the woman and her partner to prepare them for the journey that lies ahead. To support, educate and empower them, to help achieve everything they want from labour and birth, and to experience their journey into parenthood with them. I will support every client in her choice of where she decides to give birth and the way she wishes to birth, with a non-judgemental approach.

I will provide a constant famililar face throughout the labour, birth process and beyond, which unfortunately is often lacking in modern midwifery today. I strongly believe that a well supported and encouraged woman can explore her birth preferences, feels relaxed, confident and is more likely to have an empowering and fulfilling experience of pregnancy, birth and the early postnatal period.

Often women may need extra emotional support. Sometimes her partner will have a hard time seeing her in pain during labour, feeling helpless and anxious. This is where the extra support from a Doula is extremely helpful and enabling her to reassure and support her partner also.
Women who have Doula care are:

– less likely to be dissatisfied with their birth.

– less likely to feel a loss of control during labour.

– labour is likely to be shorter and less painful.

– more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth.

– likely to have a decreased chance of caesarean section by 50%

and more benefits….

– helps fathers participate with confidence

– increases success in breastfeeding

– have less postpartum depression

Rachel Evans Doula


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