Hello Baby 4D Imaging

HB-2855-Postcard v33/4D & HD Live Ultrasound

Many of us will only ever be pregnant once or twice (some more of course…) in our lifetime, so we understand that this is a period in our lives to be treasured and shared with our nearest and dearest. 3D & 4D & HD Live ultrasound scanning is an amazing way to share the precious first glimpses of your developing baby and enables a head start in the bonding process.

After your 20 week scan at the hospital there is often a long wait until you get to see you baby again and this is where the Hello Baby Studio often comes in very handy.

Many mums & dads go home with the most wonderful images and get to see a live visual of what mum is feeling and who is responsible for all of those kicks and prods that expectant mums talk about. It’s also a great way for big brothers and sisters to have a better understanding of what is going on and friends and family members are most welcome. You can even find out the gender of your baby from 16 weeks if you can’t wait until your 20 week scan.

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Early pregnancy

As well as the 3D and 4D baby scans, we offer early pregnancy scans to ascertain the viability of your pregnancy or just to check that everything is progressing as it should and/or if you are a little worried.

Our purpose is to fill in the spaces between your routine scans so if you do feel you need a little more than you get can get as a part of your routine antenatal ultrasound care we can help.

We also do great coffee and tea so you can watch the scan with your cappuccino if you wish!

We are registered members of The British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS) and we are also Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered in accordance with Health and Social care act 2008.

Visit our website for further details at 
www.hellobaby-cheltenham.co.uk or call us on 01242 300 810 for a chat about the experience we provide.







HB-2855-Postcard v33


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