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Plan-it Baby Founder Emma Goodbody has 20 years of childcare experience and is CRB checked and first aid trained. She has been a maternity nurse for 9 years and has cared for approximately 150 babies and their families, guiding them through those exciting and daunting first few months.

Always in demand through referrals and often called back to families for subsequent siblings, Emma founded Plan-it Baby to be able to help more parents at once, from advising on nursery equipment to reassuringly answering questions from worried first-time parents.

Emma has significant experience dealing with all aspects of breastfeeding, sleep training, on-demand and routine feeding, as well as working with reflux and other baby challenges. She specialises in advice from before birth up until babies are a year old. From her base in the Cotswolds, she has successfully helped many families in their own homes, on holiday or remotely via phone, email and video conferencing.

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Pre-birth Concierge Service

This bespoke planning service includes a consultation in your home or work to discuss the many options open to you and what will work best for your circumstances and space. From furniture to feeding, we advise on everything you’ll need to welcome your baby home.

Will you breast or bottle-feed? Do you need duplicate items for a second home or at the grandparents? Do you need bespoke sized equipment to suit a certain space?

Many parents-to-be visit a department store, order the suggested checklist and find that half of it is unsuitable when they get it home! We guide you through every option to help with your list before ordering from various, rather than a single, place, saving you money and time and ensuring you have the very latest and best products on the market.

Price: from £120.00 (deducted from the final amount if you spend £500.00 or more on equipment)

Maternity Nurse On Demand

We are on-hand to answer your questions and be there when you need it most for either your first few months at home with your baby, or as a one-time enquiry when you need advice on a particular difficulty.

Maternity Nurse On Demand works via email, phone or Skype/Facetime during office hours or by appointment whenever you need us for issues with sleeping, feeding and general concerns. *

A fantastic, unique gift for a new mother, a subscription gives peace of mind and practical help, especially for those mums without family nearby or who want someone they can ask about anything.

Grandparent workshops

It may have been a while since your parents were familiar with a baby and his or her routine! Our workshops, given in the comfort of your own home or at carefully selected intimate venues, are designed to bring grandparents up to date on current guidelines on looking after newborns and infants.

Including feeding methods, equipment and getting the baby to sleep successfully, the class will leave your parents feeling reassured and confident that they can help you out, as well as enjoy the family’s new arrival.

Our workshops also make popular new-grandparent gifts to give to celebrate the birth! Why not treat your parents to a class or take it with them, so that you can all learn together?

New mum workshops

We take over where antenatal classes end. What happens when you bring your new baby home? What can you expect and what do you do, hour by hour and day by day in the first few days?

An invaluable insight for first-time mums to de-mystify those early days and help you feel confident that you’re doing the right thing with your new baby.


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