Limitless Kids Entertainment Services



Limitless Kids parties are energetic, fun and totally infectious. Unlike traditional party entertainers, Limitless Kids will take children on an exciting adventure getting everybody involved. Whichever theme you choose, all parties will guarantee to get your energy levels up.  Our parties are suitable for kids from 2 to 11 years old. We’ll come to your home, a local hall, or any other venue and ensure your kids have limitless fun!e offer a number of unique packages to suit the interests and ages of your child. (Including Elsa, Lego, Disney, Pirates and much more.)

We are delighted to offer bouncy castle hire with our packages to provide a total party experience.

Limitless Kids also run multisensory classes for ages 0-4. Each class will include storytelling, action songs, sensory games and exploratory play. See website for details.

Limitless Kids toddler sensory parties are action-packed, full of variety and fast moving. They are the perfect solution for a any special party or get-together with friends for your organisation, nursery or club. The party will include beach balls, balloons, parachute games and a drama show.

Toddler Sensory parties can be easily adapted to suit a particular theme such as Pirates, Princesses or Animals. We begin each party with singing and dancing and will provide top-notch entertainment from the word go! Each party always has an exploratory play session where toddlers can explore the activity area which has a range of equipment specifically selected to stimulate senses and help with their development.

Limitless Kids are pleased to announce that in 2015 we are launching our NEW multisensory classes for ages 0-5. Each class will include storytelling, action songs, baby yoga, sensory games and exploratory play. See website for details.


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