Simply Tranquil Holistic Therapies- Story Massage


So what can you expect from a Story Massage Course?  Through the use of 10 simple, easy to follow massage strokes you and you child will learn to present associated spoken words to help build up an engaging and creative story.  In the first session well known childrens stories and nursery rhymes will be used to practice your massage skills on each other.

The strokes concentrate on back, shoulders, head and arms and NO oil will be used and NO clothing is removed. So this is an activity that can be used almost anywhere.

Depending on your childs needs, age, abilities, temperment and personality, Story Massage can be adapted and is very versitile.

5 Reasons to have Story Massage

  • A simple, fun and hands on way of sharing the benefits of POSITIVE TOUCH

  • Suitable for children of all ages, abilities

  • Can be carried out in most environments

  • No oil or removal of clothing

  • Inexpensive and easy to set up in Early Years settings

Benefits of Story Massage

  • Improves concentration

  • Reduces hyperactive and aggressive behaviour

  • Relaxing mind & body (easing tension and effects of stress)

  • Promotes ‘feel-good’ hormones, e.g. Oxytocin (which helps boost general well-being)

  • Opportunity to experience dedicated ‘caliming time’

  • Increases children’s sensitivity of how their own actions and emotions can influence those of others

  • Increases self-confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness

  • Encourages children to develop a wider vocabulary

  • Allows children to express their emotions in a practical way

  • Opportunity for children to develop their imagination

  • Fun way for family and friends to connect with and spend time together

Each course will run over 2 weeks. Is suitable for children aged 2 – 5 years but can be continued into their school life through the Massage In Schools Programme.  VENUE: Brockworth Community Centre. WHEN: Tuesday’s 1.30 – 2.30.  Starting: TUESDAY 8th SEPTEMBER

You will receive a Pack containing Information, the 10 Massage Strokes, example stories.  On the second session, you and your child will the have the opportunity to create YOUR own story massage as well as a recap from week 1.


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