Wiggle Beat


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 About Wiggle Beat


The latest class to join the Sling Beat family. This class is for parents and carers whose children are now confident enough to join in the class out of a sling.

Wiggle Beat is a dance class not just for adults, not just for children, for THEM BOTH!

Great routines for the adults, universally popular music, and some funky props thrown in, this is an opportunity for parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, brothers and sisters to have fun and improve fitness and wellbeing together.

Specially designed with little dancers in mind, the class is slightly shorter, to allow for tired little legs, and will incorporate movement games and props to engage young children, alongside familiar Sling Beat routines for the adults.

Recommended minimum age for this class is 2 years, or as soon as a child is confidently walking, and happy to engage in activities alongside an adult. No upper age limit, it is recommended that young children are able and happy to move confidently by the side of their adult without needing to be carried or held.

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