Free Range Childcare

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Looking for childcare and unsure where to start?  Research has shown that young children flourish in a home care environment, when they need to be away from their parents.  Childminders nurture your children in a welcoming home environment, providing a real-life learning experience.  Childminders are qualified, registered and inspected childcare professionals.  As childminders care for children in their own homes, their rates are in line with and often cheaper than nurseries.  Many childminders can provide real flexibility to parents who don’t work 9 to 5, offering care in the early morning, evening, weekends and overnight, term-time only, holiday cover, school pick ups and ad-hoc care.  Children benefit from sharing the family setting with children of different ages, allowing them to learn from each other.  Children at childminding settings can enjoy a range of activities and outings. From visiting parks and playgrounds to attending toddler groups and taking trips to local attractions.

Visit Free Range Childcare to get more information about the childminders in your area.


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