Gloucestershire Bundles


Gloucestershire Bundles
Gloucestershire Bundles

“Gloucestershire Bundles is a charity providing emergency packs of toiletries, clothing and equipment to pregnant women and families with children up to the age of eleven, who find themselves in crisis situations.”

Families in crisis

We are a referral only service and so only have direct contact with professional workers, such as Community Family Workers and Health Visitors. If you or someone you know needs emergency support please get in touch with your Midwife, Health Visitor, Social Worker, Children’s Centre or other Professional to make an online referral via our website.

We take donated items that people no longer need in order to provide the required clothing and equipment that is asked for. We also ask people to support us with a regular monthly donation that will help pay for the new toiletry packs or mattresses we give out. Please go to the Please Give section of our website for more details.

Due to increasing demand we are now functioning throughout Gloucestershire, with a particular focus in Gloucester. We function from our own premises in Podsmead, Gloucester and ask that all referrals be collected from us upon prior arrangement. If however you are unable to do so, or in an emergency situation, we will try our best to arrange an alternative upon request.


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