Indie’s Gift- Support for Parents whose Babies are in Special Care.

Indie's gift


Our aim is to provide ClothPacks and NeoPacks to the SCBU/NICU in order to help ease a tiny portion of the stress facing parents of children who start life in SCBU.

Our ClothPacks will contain:
1 Vest

1 Sleepsuit/Babygro
1 Hat

1 Set of Mittens

1 Blanket


These items are NOT provided for babies on the NHS. These items are sometimes available in SCBUs from donations they receive from other parents; our aim is to have a pack available for every baby that enters the SCBU.

We also include the below items for parents:

Tooth brush


Hot Chocolate

Cereal Bar/chocolate bar

Notepad & Pen

Information and Support Sheets

This pack will be included into the clothpack to save on package wastage.


These items may seem small or even trivial, but when you’re thrown into a situation that you have no control over, the last thing on your mind is to sort these little essential items out. To be able to have a wash and brush your teeth is simply the best feeling – from someone who has personally been in the situation, it really is!

This is Indie’s Gift.


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