KM Counselling and Coaching

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My experience within the field of healthcare over the last 20 years, as a paediatric nurse, school nurse and health visitor, together with my experience as a mother has offered meaningful insights into the world of ‘family’ and forms a rich foundation in which my counselling and coaching practice is rooted.

It is liberating to realise that as human beings we are all utterly unique and this applies to families too. As a counsellor and coach I relish the opportunity of helping my clients to recognise, acknowledge, accept, and most importantly to celebrate their differences and their unique needs both as individuals and as a family unit.

Every family has its own optimum rhythm where family communication is at its best and relationships flourish. However, as I say to all my clients, ‘life is lumpy’ and it is not always possible to achieve this sort of synergy when it feels as if you are swimming up-stream! Life can present so many challenges as a parent right from the very start of your journey; birth trauma, breastfeeding difficulties, postnatal depression and parental anxiety are very real and painful issues for many parents and can form powerful emotional blocks to being the mum or dad you wish to be. Relationship difficulties between parents, siblings and parent and child can add to the pressures of family life and make for a miserable existence rather than a joyous experience.

My role is to provide a safe space where you can feel heard, supported and enabled to connect with and to understand your feelings, emotions, beliefs and your specific needs. I can then help you to develop strategies to meet these needs by facilitating positive change in your life, helping you to recognise, resolve or navigate your blocks and to begin to move forward positively into a place of confidence and wellbeing.

I have two professional bases:

In Gloucester I am based at the Gloucester Natural Therapies Clinic, Kingsholm Road

In Cheltenham I am based at Talking Therapies South West, Regent Street

I also run a practice from home and offer home visits where appropriate

If you would like a bit more information about me and what I do please visit my website at

Alternatively you can email me on

Or call me for a chat on 07786 731431



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