KM Counselling and Coaching

logo - bannerI am an Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor and Wellbeing Coach and work with individuals, couples, parents, families and young people. I provide one to one counselling and coaching, and group coaching.

I have worked as a health professional for over 20 years. I originally trained as a paediatric nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital, since then I have worked as a children’s nurse, a school nurse and a health visitor. In all roles, I most enjoyed supporting emotional wellbeing and this led me to train as a counsellor and coach.

As well as running my own private practice, I have worked as an emotional wellbeing and parenting practitioner in a Children’s Centre in Gloucester, and more recently as a student counsellor at Gloucestershire College.

I am passionate about emotional wellbeing and continue to pursue my studies in counselling, coaching and mentoring. I also facilitate the development of others within the field, fulfilling the role as mentor for students in the Foundation for Emotional Therapeutic Counselling.

I am based at Gloucester Natural Therapies Clinic and I also run a private practice from home which enables me to offer flexibility with appointment times. I also provide tailor-made services in counselling, coaching and mentoring, for parents, students and staff within organisations such as nurseries, Children’s Centres and schools.

KM Counselling and Coaching is a social enterprise, aiming to make counselling and coaching accessible to everyone.

Importantly, I am adequately qualified, insured and registered with the appropriate governing bodies


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