Shine Support Group- Cirencester

shine logoI have set this group up locally having suffered severely myself following the birth of our second baby, Eliza. I know I would have benefited hugely from such support, and would love to reach out now, offering this to mums, allowing them to relax, be nurtured, aiding their recovery.
The nature of the group is to provide the mums with time for themselves, to gain confidence, blossom and grow. One of our main themes will be Art Therapy. I have a community artist on board (Rebecca Kimberley from Cotswold Cre8) who will run workshops, enabling the mums to concentrate their minds in a therapeutic way while also producing something wonderful. Yvette Green from Boab Mosaics will be giving Mosaic workshops in the same vein. I also have a Yoga Teacher (Carlotta Lucking) eager to help with sessions of deep relaxation, teaching the mums how to self relax at home using breathing techniques and gentle stretching, stimulating healing and calm. A trained Massage Therapist (Amy Sweet) is also on board to come and give soothing and relaxing shoulder massages, which I know the mums love and appreciate. I have also approached a few ladies who have been through Post Natal depression themselves, and come through the other side. I think it will be inspiring for the mums to listen to some real life stories of recovery, building confidence that they will get better.
The Group is takes place every Tuesday afternoon, from 12.30 – 2.30, in a room hired at the Churn Project, The Waterloo, Cirencester, a well known and trusted charitable organisation, who reach out to vulnerable members of our community. The room is large enough to take 10 mums, who would have booked in previously for a session or a block of sessions with us and we offer childcare support, run by volunteers, allowing the mums to flow from one room to another in case they need to feed or change their baby. This offers much needed me time for the mums within a very relaxed environment, and enable them to focus on themselves for a while.

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Above all, a place to come, no judging, no pretending, and realising that they are not alone, will be the most amazing comfort for these mums. To fight this illness with someone beside you, fighting too, will only add strength and determination.
Warm wishes,
Lauraine ♥



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