Tenderfoot Support Services

Tenderfoot Services
Tenderfoot Services
Hypnotherapy, doula and breastfeeding counsellor services for pregnancy, birth and beyond.
TENDERFOOT SUPPORT- Preconception, antenatal, postnatal and beyond, Tenderfoot Services is here to provide you with the support you need, when you need it, throughout your journey into parenthood.  
Breech Baby Bootcamp- Using Moxibustion (71% success rate for encouraging a baby in the breech position to turn), hypnotherapy (80% success rate for turning a breech baby), exercises and manoeuvres for mum, these sessions last an hour and a half and give you a fantastic chance of getting your baby moving and in an optimum position for birth.  A gentle and enjoyable alternative to an external cephalic version (manually turning your baby).
Active Birth and Hypno-relax birth preparation sessions- Prepare for your labour and birth with these one to one sessions with Rachel.  Learn how to manage contractions, anxieties and expectations around your birth, and leave feeling calm and cofident.
TENDERFOOT DOULA SERVICES- Antenatal and postnatal practical support and advice.
TENDERFOOT REBIRTH- A unique service to help with a difficult birth, bonding or feeding issues.
BREASTFEEDING COUNSELLOR SERVICES- Providing support at local groups around Gloucestershire.

Concessions are available for those with low incomes and in receipt of income support or the working element of child tax credit.
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