Natural Essence Photography

Call: 07900 433058

I am a Mum of 2 wonderful young boys and the owner of Natural Essence Photography.

Natural Essence Photography offers specialist Newborn Photography to Gloucestershire and surrounding counties. I am fully trained and insured.
Carrying your baby for 9 months and then seeing them all brand new and all curled up is an amazing feeling and to capture images of your baby in this way is magical. It is a time that doesn’t last long, newborns simply grow and change so quickly, so sessions ideally take place within 14 days of birth at my warm, cozy home studio in Gloucester. 
Newborn session can be booked after your 20 week scan and ideally before you are 34 weeks pregnant to secure a date. Due dates are so unpredictable so session slots are limited each month to accommodate for late/early arrivals.
The session is lead by your baby and is never rushed, the safety and comfort of your baby is my number one priority.  Due to the session being baby lead it can take up to 4 hours and we stop whenever your baby needs a feed, to be changed or a loving cuddle from Mummy.
The session will be take place at my home studio, that is warm and inviting, perfect to relax you and your baby. 

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