Barefoot Yoga



Barefoot Yoga offers pregnancy yoga courses in Cheltenham from 14 weeks
right up to the birth of your baby and courses run in 6 week terms. No
previous yoga experience necessary.

1.2.1 tuition also available at a Cheltenham town centre location or in
the comfort of your own home.
You will learn modified yoga postures, breathing techniques and other
useful tools to help you in your pregnancy, to prepare you for giving
birth and motherhood in a friendly and nurturing environment.

Practicing yoga during pregnancy brings……
a.. physical and emotional strength
b.. calm and relaxation
c.. helps open your body and mind to prepare and sustain you for the
birth of your baby
d.. closeness and deeper bonding with your baby

The practice will also reduce various symptoms such as…….

a.. tiredness
b.. anxiety
c.. insomnia
d.. aches and pains
If you haven’t already experienced yoga now is a great time to do so.
Consider yoga a gift that you give yourself and your unborn baby during
your pregnancy.


Barefoot Yoga
07776 234587


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