Mini Moments Pregnancy Yoga

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In my weekly Birthlight™ Pregnancy Yoga classes I aim to create an informal and light-hearted setting which is warm, empowering, friendly and immensely supportive and allow you to relax fully to nurture yourself and bond with your baby.

My classes are suitable from week 14 of your pregnancy. Birthlight™ Pregnancy Yoga is designed for you to learn and help you know your body better so that when the big birthday comes, you know exactly what works for your body in order to help your baby be born gently, consciously and with minimum intervention. The classes never exceed 15 to ensure that you build strong friendships but also ensuring that each individual gains the care, attention and support that they deserve during this time.

Over the weeks you will learn carefully adapted classic asanas (postures) and rhythmical movements, micro-movements, breathing, relaxation, birth preparation and sharing of experiences. Throughout the classes we will discuss the benefits of the postures and techniques and time is given to fully experience the power of the yoga practice by combining the breath with the movement of the body. We will also practice special breathing which will help to prepare your spontaneous breath for labour.

I would love you to join us, please register your interest early as the classes are popular and normally have a short waiting list.

For more information, recommendations, how to register your interest or to contact me to discuss your needs further, please visit 2015 logo_facebook