Ms Pomelo Regular Nursing and Mastectomy Bras

20150626_logoWhat are we?

Ms Pomelo is a new UK brand with one goal: to let fuller-chested women feel the freedom of comfort and confidence with a beautiful well-fitting bra.

What do we offer?

We offer an everyday bra for fuller-busted women. We also provide education about bra health to enable women to choose well for themselves when buying a bra.

We make regular, nursing and mastectomy bras in sizes 32D-46G.

showstopperHow do we know we have something good?

Our bras have been test-driven by breast nurses of 10 NHS trusts in London and are recommended to patients.

Our product is a time-tested favourite. It is made in Europe to the highest standards of design and craftsmanship. We use soft beautifully coloured materials that are light, breathable, and durable.


Our bra health education saves time and energy, away from an increasingly bleak retail experience. This knowledge can be used anytime and anywhere, which is important as the female body changes continuously.

What activity can you expect at GlosNatal Directory?

We teamed up with a lactation consultant and will be regularly addressing queries related to bras and breastfeeding with our Q&A. We will also run Gloucestershire-based bra-fitting workshops that will enable you to confidently choose your nursing bra.

Where can I learn more about Ms PomeloMama Chic

Our nursing bras have a dedicated brochure:

Our website:

Our recent 90-second #VOOM pitch: