Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies by Annelize-Cruz

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Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies by Annelize-Cruz

My name is Annelize and I am a mummy of 2 lovely children and business owner. When I was pregnant with my first child, I spent time reading and decided to avoid some food and drink.  This made me think, why only avoid certain things when pregnant, and not at other times.  Then it came to feeding my pride and joy, my children,  food and that got me thinking about what we eat again. We started eating much healthier. A few years down the line and we went a step further and now have an allotment where we grow our own fruit and vegetables to avoid the nasty chemicals.

With our skin being our largest organ and absorbing everything we put on it I started thinking about the products me and my family use. I discovered Neal’s Yard Products and became so passionate about it that I joined as an independent consultant.  I feel it is important to use safe cosmetics that we can trust from a company that have been the first cosmetic company to be awarded 100% ethical.

I now help others discover this great product and one thing I have learned is that using organic and natural is a necessity for our health.

I hope you will get the opportunity to enjoy Neal’s Yard products as much as I do.


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