The KIH Bed- For comfort in Pregnancy and Beyond

LOGO..B&W‘The KIH Bed is a unique style of pregnancy cushion that allows prone laying during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, created in 2011 following director Julie’s own pregnancy KIH Products was established in 2013 and has since turned into an award winning business with KIH Beds across the U.K, Australia and the USA.  The KIH Bed doubles up as a co-sleeper post partum and has many uses thereafter.

Now used by massage therapists, chiropractors and osteopaths around the UK, as well as by mums to be and new mums in the home, the KIH bed is turning into a must have as a therapist, hotel and household maternity aid.

Additionally the KIH Bed is perfect for co-sleeping post-partum and thereafter an aid for sitting.  Director Julie Hawkins says ‘My initial intention was just to use the KIH Bed to lay on my front during pregnancy, but when Kaylyn was born it felt more natural to place her in the KIH Bed rather than the cot or the crib, and I wanted to co-sleep with her so this was a safe way to do that.  Then again by mistake Kaylyn preferred the KIH Bed to her baby bouncer, then it gave her more freedom but as much stability as the bumbo, this saved me buying a sit-me-up and all of these uses just kept on… as a two year old Kaylyn uses the KIH Bed to lounge on which again seems to give her more comfort than any toddler chair!’


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