The Little Bump Company


Baby on board? Feeling not much like yourself anymore? Don’t worry, being pregnant doesn’t have to mean 9 months of dressing in frumpy sacks that don’t reflect who you are.

The Little Bump Company was set up by Eve Fernando, who, when pregnant, felt there were a lack of clothes that made her feel, well, still like her. So The Little Bump Company was born, a maternity and nursing specialist boutique in the Cotswolds which brings comfortable, yet stylish clothes to you throughout every trimester of your pregnancy.

The Little Bump Company’s aim is more than just a clothes store, they want to guide women through their all-important 9 months, helping them feel comfortable, confident and beautiful with fashionable clothes and high quality, affordable products.

Providing a personal approach, The Little Bump Company’s store is situated within the beautiful Montpellier area of Cheltenham, being easily accessible, you can visit and browse at your own leisure and more importantly try anything on that takes your fancy.

Eve and her team want you to feel comfortable, fabulous and look amazing, whether it is at home, in the office or at a special occasion, embracing the new you as your body grows and changes.

Eve says “we are not just a store, The Little Bump Company also offers advice and expertise about your journey into motherhood and offers a place where you can sit down and rest whilst finding out a little bit more about the mother and baby community in the area. That was just what I could have done with when I was pregnant and I want to provide that service for other mums–to-be now”.

Eve and the team are trained at antenatal and postnatal care and are happy to guide you through the features of the maternity clothing and accessories available, carefully helping you to select the best wardrobe for you, whichever trimester you are in. And if you have recently had your little one, The Little Bump Company team can assist with nursing wear, nursing lingerie, nursing scarves, changing bags, postnatal active wear and exercise programmes that look after you and your baby from day one.

To book a free consultation, call 01242 361496 or pop in store to arrange a date and time that’s best for you.

Eve and the team look forward to meeting you.

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